Blue Heron


Wallpaper on canvas on a non-woven base.

Our studio prepares the design of each wallpaper individually.

Price per 1m2 - 250 PL


The Blue Heron is a beautiful, picturesque pattern that will give a fresh injection of artistic energy to any space.
This magical wallpaper, depicting a beautiful Blue Heron in a mysterious tropical land, is sure to add elegance and style to your home. The combination of this captivating wallpaper with light furniture and antique home decorations will give your room a vintage feel.
The Blue Heron is also ideally suited to minimalist spaces, being their central decorative element.
Custom-made wallpaper, printed on high-quality canvas, is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and corridors.
It will be an extremely original and elegant decorative element in public spaces, hotels and restaurants.

The White Heron wallpaper is ideal for decorating interiors in the hampton style, the essence of which are muted colors such as blues, a range of shades of sand and the white of sea foam.

Do you know that heron symbolizes knowledge and intuition? It is also a symbol of peace, stability and good luck. So let's make this beautiful wallpaper a permanent fixture in our interiors.

Wallpaper printed on high-quality canvas is available in any size upon individual customer's request.


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