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We present all the wallpapers on canvas from our collections. We agree the exact dimensions of the wallpaper during the consultation and confirm it by email. You can order your own wallpaper pattern, please contact us.

New Collection - Eustoma Just Like That

"Eustoma Just Like That" is a new wallpaper collection dedicated to brave, romantic individualists.

The inspiration for creating this collection stemmed from the wallpaper featured in the series "And Just Like That," which serves as a continuation of the cult classic "Sex and the City." The wallpaper for the show was designed by Sarah Jessica Parker herself. Its bold, vibrant colors and large-scale floral patterns captivate with their originality while exuding femininity. As the original wallpaper is unavailable in Poland, we opted to craft our own rendition, meticulously hand-painted by Ida Bianka Matus.
This is how the "Eustoma Just Like That" collection was created.

Autorskie tapety

by Ida Bianka Matus

Ida Bianca Matus is an architecture graduate, but she works primarily in graphics. She practices artistic, applied and computer graphics, as well as drawing and painting. Ida has been professionally involved in 2D and 3D advertising graphics for many years and designs furniture and advertising displays for well-known brands. She also gained experience in the publishing market, press, press and online advertising. In her free time, Ida designs interiors, draws and paints wallpapers and paintings. 


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The beautiful Dutch floral wallpaper has completely changed the interior of our living room. Very nice service with an individual approach to the customer. I heartily recommend it.

Małgorzata L.

Great service at a very high level. The wallpapers are of very good quality.

Konrad M.

Stylish wallpapers. It was difficult for me to decide on a pattern. I am in love with my peacocks, which look great in our bedroom.

Beata D.