Pink Flamingo


Wallpaper on canvas on a non-woven base.

Our studio prepares the design of each wallpaper individually.

Price per 1m2 - 250 PL


The elegant pink flamingo is the central element of this extremely original canvas wallpaper. Very vivid color adds originality and eccentricity to this beautiful wallpaper, which will give any interior a unique character. Pink is one of the most popular colors this season, and flamingos as a decorative motif are both beautiful color and charming shapes. The wallpaper will be an elegant and colorful addition to a space or design, beautifully complementing both modern and more classic styles of decor. The wallpaper is perfect for the living room, bedroom and can also decorate our bathroom in a beautiful and original way.

Did you know ? In Aztec traditions, flamingos were symbols of love and passion, as well as healing. Their brightly colored feathers evoked passionate emotions and gave them special significance. Flamingos are also ubiquitous symbols of fun and flamboyancy. From Alice in Wonderland to ancient cave paintings, these birds have always had a special relationship with artists and storytellers.

Wallpaper printed on high-quality canvas is available in any size upon individual customer's request.


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